5 Things You Need to Prepare When Doing a Mount Bromo Tour

There is a lot of preparation that must be fulfilled by a climber. These preparations cannot be prepared suddenly. You need a lot of time to prepare everything. To make things easier, don’t forget to write on a piece of note paper so you can remember many things.

Well, actually, what things you need to prepare when doing a mount Bromo tour?

  1. A pure hearth
    A pure heart will have an impact on the ease of a person in thinking. Then what’s the connection of a pure heart with climbing? Climbing requires positive thinking. Imagine if you climb with negative thoughts. For example, when you are faced with a danger that will come any time, you will choose negative thoughts and run away from problems. It’s different from having positive thoughts. Whatever danger might come when climbing, you will be able to fight and have a solution.
  2. A good mental
    Not only good hearth, but you also need a good mentality. A good heart produces positive thoughts while good mental results in good actions too. You must have a good mentality so that you don’t give up to overcoming a problem.
  3. A good date
    Choosing the date of the climb is the right decision. Feel free to check the schedule and make sure that you get on the right date. Never leave your important business just for the sake of climbing. Prioritize first.
  4. A good budget
    You also have to pay attention to the budget that you will pay for a climb. Of course, a climb requires a lot of preparation. The goods and equipment that you rent certainly costs not a little. From now on, consider saving little by little money so you can fulfill your needs. Remember that there are no dollar without a cent, which means, you need to save your money if you want to receive a lot.
  5. Good weather
    You also have to pay attention to the weather conditions that will occur one day. Don’t be careless by determining the climb event without paying attention to the weather. It will be very dangerous if you climb during heavy rain. Researching weather on a particular day is one attempt to save yourself and also a climbing team member.

Well, have you read the points above? If so, ask yourself. Have you fulfilled all the points above? If not, then fill it slowly

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