Popular Quotes from Joker Who Have Positive Meanings

Although acting as a major enemy in the Batman movie, Joker is actually a lot of positive sides that we can take, especially from quotes that can be an inspiration for us in living a life.
a. Why so Serious?
Yes, this sentence is really attached to Joker. The purpose of the quote is to teach us, life is indeed difficult, so why do you make it difficult anymore. For example, your heart is broken because of breaking up.
How lousy you are! There are plenty of fish in the sea! In essence the problem is your loyal friend as long as you are still breathing. Try to treat the problem as well as possible, so you also receive a good response too. Stay positive thinking. So, why so serious?

b. I Just Do Things
The following quote from the Joker is not a negative quote, which tells you to do something that you don’t think first. That’s wrong, that’s not what it means. In fact the purpose of the sentence is to emphasize more on each of us to immediately do something that we think is true. No need to ignore other people as long as it doesn’t harm other people. Trust me!

c. If You’re Good at Something, Never Do it for Free
Here comes the quote I like from Joker! If you have skills that can generate money coffers, then you should never hesitate to make these skills something that can ease the burden on your economy. Life is too wild, business is business, friend is friend. Right?

d. Nobody Panics When Things Go According to Plan. Even if the Plan is Horrifying! Introduce a Little Anarchy. Upset the Established Order, and Everything Becomes Chaos
If you are lost in your life routine, get up, look for things that are new and challenging, which can make your life more colorful. Don’t get too bad for a problem. Time is not waiting for you. Think about it!

e. In Their Last Moments, People Show You Who They Really are
Power will appear when you are chased again. That is what is meant by the quote above. Normally, humans will release their hidden abilities if they are depressed. Is that right? Complete your work as quickly as possible. After all, it will not be detrimental anyway, instead we ourselves will realize, that time is indeed very valuable in our lives.

What do you think? if there are other wise words from Joker, don’t forget to share them in the comment box.