5 Things You Need to Prepare When Doing a Mount Bromo Tour

There is a lot of preparation that must be fulfilled by a climber. These preparations cannot be prepared suddenly. You need a lot of time to prepare everything. To make things easier, don’t forget to write on a piece of note paper so you can remember many things.

Well, actually, what things you need to prepare when doing a mount Bromo tour?

  1. A pure hearth
    A pure heart will have an impact on the ease of a person in thinking. Then what’s the connection of a pure heart with climbing? Climbing requires positive thinking. Imagine if you climb with negative thoughts. For example, when you are faced with a danger that will come any time, you will choose negative thoughts and run away from problems. It’s different from having positive thoughts. Whatever danger might come when climbing, you will be able to fight and have a solution.
  2. A good mental
    Not only good hearth, but you also need a good mentality. A good heart produces positive thoughts while good mental results in good actions too. You must have a good mentality so that you don’t give up to overcoming a problem.
  3. A good date
    Choosing the date of the climb is the right decision. Feel free to check the schedule and make sure that you get on the right date. Never leave your important business just for the sake of climbing. Prioritize first.
  4. A good budget
    You also have to pay attention to the budget that you will pay for a climb. Of course, a climb requires a lot of preparation. The goods and equipment that you rent certainly costs not a little. From now on, consider saving little by little money so you can fulfill your needs. Remember that there are no dollar without a cent, which means, you need to save your money if you want to receive a lot.
  5. Good weather
    You also have to pay attention to the weather conditions that will occur one day. Don’t be careless by determining the climb event without paying attention to the weather. It will be very dangerous if you climb during heavy rain. Researching weather on a particular day is one attempt to save yourself and also a climbing team member.

Well, have you read the points above? If so, ask yourself. Have you fulfilled all the points above? If not, then fill it slowly

The Best Time for Doing a Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo climbing is very popular among many people. People even make climbing Mount Bromo as an achievement. Well, if you want to climb Mount Bromo, don’t forget to prepare many things. You must also know the best time for doing a mount Bromo tour. Do not ignore these points if you want to make your climb successful:

  1. When the weather is nice
    Climbing mount Bromo requires a lot of things to be prepared. Carrying important items is a must. Not only that, but you also have to pay attention to the best time. for doing a mount Bromo tour. You should not carelessly climb when the weather is bad. When heavy rain and lightning occur, you are advised not to climb. This certainly endangers the safety of yourself and your teammates. It’s better to be patient and wait until the weather improves. For that, you need to check the weather forecast. You must always be updated on the development of weather news.
  2. When your body is healthy
    You also need a healthy body to climb. Don’t climb when your body doesn’t support you at all. Be sure to check your sugar level and heart rate. This is important because climbing requires a fit body. If something happens to you in the middle of a trip, you will only trouble your partner.
  3. When you can prepare the things needed for the tour
    It is important to remember that carrying the required items is very necessary during mountain climbing. You have to make sure that you can bring these items. You have to remember that you don’t have to buy the items needed during the climb. You can borrow or try to rent these items. This time, there are a lot of climbing goods rental services. If you still cannot prepare the items needed to climb, you are advised not to climb. Imagine, it would be very troublesome when you can’t bring a tent for climbing purposes.
  4. When your parents allow you
    When you have prepared everything, it will be very important for you to ask your parents for permission. With parental permission, hopefully, your trip will be smooth and there will be no obstacles.

Those were a few points about what you should pay attention to if you plan to climb. Don’t forget to pray first before climbing and still keep the environment clean when climbing mount Bromo. Happy climbing stay happy and healthy!

Go to Penanjakan 2 on Mount Bromo Tour

If you have often visited places in Mount Bromo Tour, the presence of Pananjakan 2 is not as popular as Pananjakan 1. When the holidays arrived, it is usually very satisfying. Alternatively, you just go to Pananjakan 2 if you plan to visit Mount Bromo Tour during the holiday season. Pananjakan 2 was originally named the peak of Seruni Point. But it is a good idea to get to know the times when step 1 is full is:

  1. During the Eid season. Eid season is a good time to gathering with family. Removing homesickness and very appropriate to play together to Mount Bromo Tour. At this time, it is usually very full of visitors.
  2. During school holidays. School holidays are also a holiday season. Because it is one of the opportunities for a vacation with the complete formation in the family. And if the family plans to visit Mount Bromo Tour, it usually comes first to Pananjakan 1.

Take it easy, in those two seasons, you can still enjoy a family vacation at Mount Bromo Tour. That is by visiting Pananjakan 2. The peak of Pananjakan 2 is in Seruni Hamlet, Sukapura District, Probolinggo. So from that, it was named as the peak of Seruni Point, because of its location. Pananjakan 2 is not well known not because it is not beautiful. But because of the previous road that often landslides. After the government, residents, and managers work together to improve, the road to Pananjakan 2 is better.

Now the road to Pananjakan 2 can already be traversed by jeeps car or other four-wheeled vehicles. And you can enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Bromo Tour in Pananjakan 2. The closest and easiest route to Pananjakan 2 is the route from Probolinggo. From the Cemoro Lawang Village to be exact, the road passed was quite uphill and to reach the location was about 30 minutes. The facilities provided at Pananjakan 2 are complete. Starting from a large parking lot, toilets and other facilities.

After using a jeep, you can go through the stairs for about 20 minutes. And after going through the journey, you are amazed to see the beauty of nature seen from the peak of Pananjakan 2. Don’t forget when you visit Mount Bromo Tour, use masks, thick jackets, socks, gloves, thick headgear and other equipment that can make you feel warm.

Enjoy the Amazing Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo is located in the East Java province. Mount Bromo is famous for its beauty. No wonder tourists from both local and international always flock to Mount Bromo every year. Mount Bromo tour has become a trendy vacation in Indonesia itself. Mount Bromo tour is top-rated because to get to the area of Bromo Tengger National Park is not difficult. The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is surrounded by some big cities such as Pasuruan in the north, Probolinggo in the northeast, Lumajang in the southeast, and Malang in the west as the biggest city of all four towns that surround Bromo Tengger Semeru, National Park.

Mount Bromo got its name from one of the gods in Hindu which is Brahma. Mount Bromo is an active volcano with 2329 meters in high above the sea level. The active status of Mount Bromo is a unique attraction to the tourists. The fabulous overlay of the mountains and is surrounded by the white clouds do spoil the eyes. During the holiday, Mount Bromo is always crowded by tourists both local and international tourists. On Mount Bromo, we can see the sunrise at the height of about 2780 meters above sea level. Many visitors capture this moment from Mount Penanjakan as the sunrise viewpoint. We can also see Mount Semeru on this spot in the south of Mount Bromo with smoke coming out of its crater.

Mount Bromo tourism is also known for its traditional ceremony. Yadnya Kesada or Kasodo Ceremony is held annually in December or January. At the time of celebration, usually, Mount Bromo will be crowded by tourists who want to see this traditional ceremony. The Yadnya Kesada or Kasodo Ceremony is carried out by giving offerings in the form of butchered animals, vegetables, and even money. During the ceremony, those things are thrown into the Mount Bromo crater as s symbol of gratitude to the gods almighty.

There are also places of interest on and around Mount Bromo such as Penanjakan, the Whispering Sand, Teletubbies hill, et cetera. Penanjakan is known for its sunrise viewpoint. On this spot, we can watch the sun rising in the east and Mount Semeru in the south. This place is a perfect spot for photography. To get to this spot, we should start to go at 3 am because we do not want to miss the opportunity. We also have to find the ideal place before its taken by other tourists.