Enjoy the Amazing Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo is located in the East Java province. Mount Bromo is famous for its beauty. No wonder tourists from both local and international always flock to Mount Bromo every year. Mount Bromo tour has become a trendy vacation in Indonesia itself. Mount Bromo tour is top-rated because to get to the area of Bromo Tengger National Park is not difficult. The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is surrounded by some big cities such as Pasuruan in the north, Probolinggo in the northeast, Lumajang in the southeast, and Malang in the west as the biggest city of all four towns that surround Bromo Tengger Semeru, National Park.

Mount Bromo got its name from one of the gods in Hindu which is Brahma. Mount Bromo is an active volcano with 2329 meters in high above the sea level. The active status of Mount Bromo is a unique attraction to the tourists. The fabulous overlay of the mountains and is surrounded by the white clouds do spoil the eyes. During the holiday, Mount Bromo is always crowded by tourists both local and international tourists. On Mount Bromo, we can see the sunrise at the height of about 2780 meters above sea level. Many visitors capture this moment from Mount Penanjakan as the sunrise viewpoint. We can also see Mount Semeru on this spot in the south of Mount Bromo with smoke coming out of its crater.

Mount Bromo tourism is also known for its traditional ceremony. Yadnya Kesada or Kasodo Ceremony is held annually in December or January. At the time of celebration, usually, Mount Bromo will be crowded by tourists who want to see this traditional ceremony. The Yadnya Kesada or Kasodo Ceremony is carried out by giving offerings in the form of butchered animals, vegetables, and even money. During the ceremony, those things are thrown into the Mount Bromo crater as s symbol of gratitude to the gods almighty.

There are also places of interest on and around Mount Bromo such as Penanjakan, the Whispering Sand, Teletubbies hill, et cetera. Penanjakan is known for its sunrise viewpoint. On this spot, we can watch the sun rising in the east and Mount Semeru in the south. This place is a perfect spot for photography. To get to this spot, we should start to go at 3 am because we do not want to miss the opportunity. We also have to find the ideal place before its taken by other tourists.

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