Go to Penanjakan 2 on Mount Bromo Tour

If you have often visited places in Mount Bromo Tour, the presence of Pananjakan 2 is not as popular as Pananjakan 1. When the holidays arrived, it is usually very satisfying. Alternatively, you just go to Pananjakan 2 if you plan to visit Mount Bromo Tour during the holiday season. Pananjakan 2 was originally named the peak of Seruni Point. But it is a good idea to get to know the times when step 1 is full is:

  1. During the Eid season. Eid season is a good time to gathering with family. Removing homesickness and very appropriate to play together to Mount Bromo Tour. At this time, it is usually very full of visitors.
  2. During school holidays. School holidays are also a holiday season. Because it is one of the opportunities for a vacation with the complete formation in the family. And if the family plans to visit Mount Bromo Tour, it usually comes first to Pananjakan 1.

Take it easy, in those two seasons, you can still enjoy a family vacation at Mount Bromo Tour. That is by visiting Pananjakan 2. The peak of Pananjakan 2 is in Seruni Hamlet, Sukapura District, Probolinggo. So from that, it was named as the peak of Seruni Point, because of its location. Pananjakan 2 is not well known not because it is not beautiful. But because of the previous road that often landslides. After the government, residents, and managers work together to improve, the road to Pananjakan 2 is better.

Now the road to Pananjakan 2 can already be traversed by jeeps car or other four-wheeled vehicles. And you can enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Bromo Tour in Pananjakan 2. The closest and easiest route to Pananjakan 2 is the route from Probolinggo. From the Cemoro Lawang Village to be exact, the road passed was quite uphill and to reach the location was about 30 minutes. The facilities provided at Pananjakan 2 are complete. Starting from a large parking lot, toilets and other facilities.

After using a jeep, you can go through the stairs for about 20 minutes. And after going through the journey, you are amazed to see the beauty of nature seen from the peak of Pananjakan 2. Don’t forget when you visit Mount Bromo Tour, use masks, thick jackets, socks, gloves, thick headgear and other equipment that can make you feel warm.

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